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Hungry Plans

Zero commission and No hidden fees.
Start today. Take orders by tonight.

Online Ordering + More 📈

Ideal for Takeaways & Independent Businesses

Get started now

✓   Delivery & Pickup Ordering Solutions
✓   On-site Installation with Tablet + Printer
✓   Dedicated Account Manager

✓   Bespoke Branded Website 
✓   24/7 Customer Support
✓   Advance insights and analytics
✓   Full Marketing Launch

✓   Full Menu Upload
✓   Free Card Machine & Super Low Rates*

Hungry to Grow 🚀 

Ideal for Restaurants & To Accelerate Growth 💨 

✓   Includes Online Ordering + More
✓   Advance Booking Reservation System

✓   QR Code Dine-In & Pay Solution
✓   Professional Photography
✓   Social Media + SEO Optimisation  
✓   Gas & Electric Comparison 
 Facebook & Google Ads*
✓   HR & Tribunal Services*

✓   Customised Marketing Proposals*

Online Credit Card Processing Fees: 1.50% + 20p

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Why use Hungry Desert?


World Class Support, supporting you and your restaurant 24/7


Commission-free online orders, no hidden fees and full transparency


Built by experienced restaurant owners, with a rich history of exceptional operational knowledge.

What's included for everyone

Direct ordering on your website & social media channels

Create advance offers

Google Listing optimisation

Detailed daily reports 

24/7 Support

Custom integrations

Access to a world class marketing

team for all social platforms

Real Account Manager

Customer loyalty tracking

"The system is so intuitive and well    built. Been through a few other platforms, Hungry Desert is the best choice."

Ahmed, Founder of Stone Fired Pizza UAE


Move faster with 'Hungry to Grow' 🚀 

Grow quicker and add value to your business with our advance features and additional tools from the help of our team.

Full Marketing Launch 
with Professional Photography

QR Code Dine In & Pay 
with Onsite Training

Full Reservation with Management System

Discover a world-class

reporting system.

The most advance reporting system designed. 


Monitor delivery hotspot, most loyal customers, top performing items, google rankings, website traffic and so much more.

Hungry Desert
Hungry Desert
Hungry Desert

Simple Journey. Stunning Designs


Customers will order directly from your restaurant, they can place orders online directly on your website or application. No sign-up required. A straight forward journey.

Hungry Desert

Responsive and beautiful.


Designed to maximize sales and optimize user experience.


Expertly crafted to your branded requirements for a website or application.

image1 2.png

Accelerate growth quicker.


Receive the most powerful analytics, share to your management and use our detailed reports to create a strategy. 

Collaborate with your team and identify your positive and weak points to grow. 

  • Where are we based?
    143 Tamworth Rd Long Eaton, Nottingham NG10 1BY Let's meet at our office!
  • Why should I have my own online ordering system.
    The popularity of online food ordering has brought such a storm in the food industry that takeaway and restaurant owners now consider being online as the most effective way to acquire new customers, increase order size, enhance existing customer experience, gain repeat business and upsell. “ 72% takeaways and restaurants say online ordering has been positive for their business and 39% of restaurants using apps increased orders outside of the usual mealtimes. " The Noodle Group system that is easy to use and flexible enough to customise as per your need. Most importantly the online ordering system should simplify your order taking process, create value for you and enhance customer experience. By having your own branded online ordering system, your potential customers may have more confidence ordering with you directly.
  • How do recieve orders
    We will provide a tablet and printer in order to process orders! It's very simple to use, and we will show you how to use our simple system.
  • How long will it take for me to get online?
    As long as all the details and documents we ask for are correct and are in accordance to our guidelines, your restaurant can usually go online with all branding setup within 2 weeks.
  • I want to join Hungry Desert, but I don't have any drivers. Can you help?"
    Maybe - It depends where you're located in the UAE. We're currently working with a local company in the UAE that provides deliveries for restaurants with a network of over 2000 drivers. Contact us for further assitance.
  • My restaurant has mutiple outlets, are you willing to do a discount?"
    We have a variety of programs, and we currently have several franchises on our network with different strategies in place, it's best to contact us and we'll able to provide solutions

Elevate your business today



Hungry Desert


Fresh Start

Menu Upload

Take Orders

Our team will onboard your business

and we will get everything setup

and save profit £££

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