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About us

Built by restaurant owners working together toward a common goal is what makes Hungry Desert the perfect online ordering platform

Designed to save costs

Built by restaurant owners, with a rich history of customer service, kitchen management & operational framework. Our ordering system is intended to drive growth without charging any commission or high prices.

Making Dim Sum

Built by Restaurant Owners

0% Commission 

Save & Increase Profits


Restaurants worldwide


Staff worldwide


Orders processed 

Our Strategy for you

Our key pillars are designed for every restaurant that are with us


Retaining the customers that you have, fortifying and extending your areas of strength with focuses on a wider menu range, menu offers and customer service.

Regaining the customers you may have lost by improving the food quality, service and enhancing convenience and offering strong value.

Converting your casual customers from 3rd party aggregators to more committed customers by ordering directly with your restaurant

"Hungry Desert is an international   platform widely used in Europe,   America and the UAE. No matter   where you are, our team will help   you drive growth to a new level"


Founder of Hungry Desert

Hungry Desert
Hungry Desert

Our integrity is our restaurant partners

Hungry Desert

Our belief is rooted in “Restaurant values”, a bold and strong value proposition where every team member in a restaurant feels their culture, identity, and experiences are valued and respected.


We know that listening to and participating in knowledge-sharing and eclectic insights has helped make us the company we are today - from our restaurant partners to our own restaurants. From our suppliers to your customers to our community partners.


By aligning our Hungry Desert values with our culture pillars of Customer Obsessed, Retaining, Regaining and Committed to Lead, we are affecting the business in a positive and modern way.

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