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How Hungry Desert is supporting you and your restaurant during this crisis

How Can Restaurants Defend Themselves Against the Escalating Coronavirus Crisis?

Apart from COVID-19’s devastating effects on people’s health, the virus has taken its toll on businesses as well, especially within the restaurant industry.

So what emergency measures should restaurants take against the Coronavirus pandemic to avoid folding their restaurant businesses?

Our team at Hungry Desert have been working hard to add new features to make your restaurant proactive to this current situation 

Hungry Desert

Offer minimum exposure
takeaway at checkout

Our ordering system can now offer contact-free delivery options, or you can enforce a contact-free delivery only option. Just go to your dashboard, then to fulfilment 

options and just turn the contact-free options on, if you need help just contact us.

Feel free to copy the text and use it.



Last but not least, contactless delivery is the best option restaurants have at this time.

Hungry Desert

COVID-19 safety measure:

We're now offering contact-free deliveries, please make sure you

are ready to collect your delivery when it arrives. 

Reassure your customers that you took all necessary COVID-19 safety precautions

Hungry Desert Dubai

More customers will probably visit your website and social media right now, to get some reassurance before ordering from you. 

Put their minds at ease by letting them know what you and your staff are actively doing to prepare their food safely. Add an in-detail message on your website’s homepage.

Feel free to copy it!

We observe all the food industry hygiene standards such as HACCP, GHP, FAO Hygiene codex and the food storage principles. We carefully respect the 4Cs of food safety: Cleaning, Cooking, Chilling and Cross-contamination. Our staff received proper on-the-job training on the matters of personal hygiene and COVID-19 prevention. 

How We Keep Our Customers Safe from COVID-19

Hungry Desert UAE

Update your business information on Google

Google advises businesses to update their information on Google My Business (GMB) to keep customers up-to-date. If you’ve closed your operation or changed your opening hours, make sure they’re updated on GMB.

Similarly, if you want to share any COVID-19-related information with customers, use the Posts feature. You can share the safety measures you’re taking there as well.

Highlight safety one post at a time

Hungry Desert UAE
Hungry Desert Dubai

Send them an email letting them know it’s safe to order food from your restaurant.

To do that, simply retransmit the safety measures on the flyer, use our free email blast in our dashboard!

Send emails to your customer database for free!

Email COVID-19 safety measures to your existing customers

Spread the word on social

Post the flyer on all of your social media profiles to inform your customers about your contactless delivery options.

We’ve also created variants of the safety seal sticker for you to post on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, along with the flyer text.

Extra Resources for your business

Hungry Desert Online Ordering

Add a food seal sticker in every bag

No-touch packaging is an additional safety measure that you can implement to let customers know no one else has touched their food from the moment it was placed in the bag.


Combine this with the health cards, and they will know everyone who came into contact with their food is Coronavirus-safe.

Hungry Desert UAE

Staple a health card to every
delivery bag

Right now, the most important thing for your clients is to know the people who prepare and handle their food is safely done.


Staple a health-check card to every delivery bag featuring the name and last body-temperature check of the involved cook and the delivery person for a peace of mind

Hungry Desert UAE

Add a health section on
the receipt

 If you’re not ready with the health-check cards, don’t worry. You can put the same health info on the receipt to reassure customers about food safety.

This is a excellent opportunity to take online orders now and grow your takeaway/delivery business within minutes. Take advantage of our free package and get started in minutes

Start for free today

Start taking orders in minutes

All our resources, are located in the restaurant dashboard.

If you need help just contact us, and we're more than happy to assist your restaurant

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